Sunday, October 13, 2013

José Vicente Rangel calls for “urgent measures” against conspiracy

Every Sunday Rangel devotes a segment his TV program “José Vicente Hoy” to accuse the Venezuelan opposition of a wide variety of conspiracies.

In today’s program he asked the government to take “urgent measures against the right in order to preserve democracy.”

He argued that “Venezuela is reaching a situation of rupture that demands, in order to preserve democracy, urgent measures by those that have the responsibility to defend the values and the coexistence of the nation.”

Rangel enumerated the actions promoted by the opposition that, according to him, would warrant a strong and urgent governmental reaction: “To deliberately create shortages in the country, manipulate the economic policies, play with the national currency, stimulate inflation, back conspiracies with their discourses, and other provocative attitudes, are actions that aim at creating chaos in the country.”

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