Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthers theories are not a good campaign strategy

Juan Cristobal Nagel argues in Caracas Chronicles that the Venezuelan birthers are very different from the US anti-Obama version. He makes the case that Maduro has not even shown a proper birth certificate. He also point to the fact that the question is now part of the “opposition mainstream’s political strategy.”

The issue does seem to have become more relevant in the past weeks. If it is indeed part of the opposition campaign strategy for the December municipal elections, I believe it is not very good.

I have argued that conspiracy theories are more than just a campaign strategy for the Government. But even if it is just part of the electoral campaign, it is the wrong strategy: most Venezuelans are not buying the government’s constant conspiracy theories that claim that the opposition is sabotaging everything, from the electric system to the economy. In the case of the opposition and the birthers, I doubt that most Venezuelans even care if Maduro was born in Colombia or not. I hope to see poll numbers on this issue soon.

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