Tuesday, October 15, 2013

José Vicente Rangel: Magnicidio… again…

In an article titled “The Hunt” (La Caceríapublished yesterday, reporter José Vicente Rangel argued that “the right” is again considering plans to assassinate President Maduro amid their fears that “Maduro will consolidate his power after favorable results in the December 8 elections.”

Rangel believes that Maduro is being systematically “hunted down” by the opposition. He emphasized: “The option is still on the table. The plan is connected with the juncture of the municipal elections. Before or after these elections they will use [the elections] for their magnicidio plans –I use the word even if it exasperates them,- the attempt would be a commando style coup. This is something that is looming in the criminal imagination of those that are willing to do anything to drive away the fear that hounds them. (…) According to the information I have been receiving, these plans exist and are being implemented. (…) For now there is no other option than to wait, we have to be on the alert.”

Rangel has periodically accused the Venezuelan opposition of plotting to assassinate Maduro, without showing evidence to support his accusations. In the past he also repeatedly claimed that “the right” was plotting to kill President Chávez.

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  1. Since january 13, how many magnicidios plots has been announced?