Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Love Chávez and hate the enemies of the Fatherland

Yesterday President Maduro gave a preview of his campaign rhetoric for the coming municipal elections of December 8: Government followers are to express their “love and loyalty” to the memory of Chávez, by voting against the enemies of the Fatherland who have been sabotaging the Revolution.

In a session of his “Gobierno de Calle” in the city of Maturín, Maduro declared: “December 8 will be from now on the Day of Love and Loyalty to Hugo Chávez, because on that day he came to say farewell to his People, even when he was suffering from his illness, he came with strength and calmness to say farewell to his Fatherland. (…) The Venezuelan People cannot betray this memory, this legacy, and the dreams of the Leader of the Bolivarian Revolution. We cannot betray history and our roots. That day Chávez showed all his courage.”

But he also clearly stated the dangers posed by the conspiratorial opposition: “The only enemies of the Fatherland are the ‘trilogy of evil’ (Opposition leaders Henrique, Capriles, Leopoldo López, and María Corina Machado) who are in charge of sabotaging electricity, food supplies, and of waging an economic war. Let the People be aware of this and who they are: they are the ones sabotaging the peace of the country.”

Later during the day, Maduro visited a thermoelectric plant and explained the need to conform a “vanguard for the defense of the Fatherland against destabilizing attempts by the Venezuelan right. I invoke the construction of a profound offensive by the Revolution as an answer to the plans of economic sabotage,” he emphasized. 

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