Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Civic-military oath against the enemies of the fatherland

Yesterday (September 5) President Maduro heard a public oath taken by the Venezuelan military commanders of the national armed forces and the so called “Political High Command of the Revolution” in Campo de Carabobo, the place the most important battle in 1821 of the independence war.

Maduro characterized the oath as an “unconditional” support for the defense of socialism against the “psychological, electrical, and political war against the people.”

The actual wording, as published by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, is a vague statement in the style of the patriotic rhetoric of Venezuela’s Bolivarian/Chavista political religion, but it does mention “socialism” and the need to be prepared for “any eventuality”:

We swear with all our patriotic soul, bolivarian soul, and chavista soul, to construct an independent fatherland and to construct the fatherland of socialist equality. We swear to unite all the strength of our people and to be prepared for any eventuality [coyuntura] and to guarantee the peace, the stability, and the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution. We thus swear in this immortal field [of Carabobo].

Before the swearing of the oath, Maduro stated that October will be the month of “preparation for combat and the month of early victory in the face of the psychological, electrical, and political war against our people.”

He further explained that “a criminal war has been unleashed against the Venezuelan people; they want to drag us into chaos, they want the division of our people, they want to take us back to the times of confusion, the times of darkness. (…) The people need to know who the enemies of the fatherland are, (…) their complete names, where they are, what they think, what is their psychology. They are not my personal enemies, they are the enemies of the fatherland, of the independence of the fatherland, they are the enemies of our people, not recent enemies, but enemies that have been always there.”

(Here is the text of the oath in Spanish: "Juramos con el alma de patriotas, con el ama de bolivarianos, con el alma de chavistas, construir la patria independiente y construir la igualdad de la patria socialista. Juramos unir las fuerzas del pueblo y estar preparados ante cualquier coyuntura y garantizar la paz, la estabilidad y la continuidad de la Revolución Bolivariana. Así lo juramos en este campo inmortal")

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