Friday, October 11, 2013

Maduro criminalizes media for speaking of fuel shortages

Yesterday (October 10) President Maduro accused the newspaper 2001, which belongs to the local media conglomerate Bloque de Armas, of committing a “crime” by publishing the “gross and dirty” headline: “La gasolina la echan con gotero”. According to 2001 fuel station are now receiving less than half the fuel they were receiving three years ago and are therefore rationing fuel. The daily informed that “some drivers are complaining about the shortage of 91 octane gasoline.”

Maduro said that such headlines were part of a sabotage of the economy: “[Bloque de Armas] has gone beyond the Constitution; they have declared war against me and against the people. This cannot be. They don´t want to listen. (…) I, Nicolás Maduro, a man of the people, a son of Chávez, elected according to the Constitution, don´t I have the right to govern this country in peace? Don’t the People have the right to live in peace?” he asked.

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