Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bacteriological Warfare!

On September 11, the president of the Colegio de Médicos of Aragua, Ángel Sarmiento, informed that 8 patients at the Central Hospital of Maracay had died of an unknown disease. Sarmiento spoke of an "unidentified virus or bacteria."

The PSUV governor of Aragua, Tarek El Aissami, was quick to deny the existence of a “supposed bacteria at the Central Hospital of Maracay.” Instead he accused Sarmiento of being the leader of “a campaign of rumors and terrorism.”

President Maduro declared today that the whole episode was part of an international media campaign of “psychological warfare,” against the Venezuelan people. CNN en español, BBC, NTN24, and the Miami Herald were all mentioned by Maduro as part of this campaign to psychologically “poison Venezuelans.”

But according to Maduro, there may be an even more sinister plot behind the media campaign: “We have a line of research now, because we seriously suspect that the Right was trying to introduce some kind of virus, a bacteriological warfare, into the Maracay Hospital, or who knows where else, and for that they already had prepared the [media] campaign, the videos, who was going to declare, but that campaign fell through in empty space,” said the President.

To develop this “line of research” into the plot, Maduro announced that he will ask for the assistance of international medical organizations, including the World Health Organization, “because this was an attack against the Venezuelan health system,” he added.

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