Monday, September 1, 2014

The opposition will hit the Venezuelan people with starvation

The President of the National Assembly and Vice-president of the Socialist Party (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, declared today that the opposition’s critiques of the announced plan to control consumption through the use of fingerprint machines in markets (captahuellas), is evidence that “they will try to hit the people with starvation.”

According to Cabello the opposition has systematically “underestimated” the claims by the government that there is an Economic War against the country.

For Cabello the reason the opposition critiques the government’s measures, it’s because these measures benefit the people: “If the controls to prevent smuggling hurt the bourgeoisie, it’s because they benefit the people. We need to go out to the streets and raise the awareness of the people, this is not just any war; it’s a war to put an end to the Bolivarian Revolution.”

He also made reference to the opposition street protests at the beginning of the year. This is how the press note published by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias informs of the declarations by Cabello. Note how the protests are framed (by AVN, before the quote by Cabello) as terrorist acts by the extreme right to promote a foreign intervention. Also interesting is the fact that, according to AVN, Cabello considers “to promote the resignation of a Head of State,” a terrorist crime. Here is the extract form AVN:

During the interview, Cabello made reference to the attacks by terrorist groups linked to the extreme right, during the first months of 2014, with the purpose of affecting the constitutional order and of promoting a foreign intervention in the internal matters of Venezuela.

“What do we do with those who tried to burn preschools with children inside? Do we find logical, as a country, as fathers of Venezuelan children, that someone could be capable of burning a university, or a school with children inside, just because he want to overthrow the president?” considered Cabello, who also noted that the percentage of students that participated in the protests was very low.

Cabello pointed out that no amnesty law is being considered for the citizens that participated in these terrorist acts, because to promote the resignation of a head of state is a crime.

“We cannot close our eyes to this,” reaffirmed the president of the National Assembly.

(Image El Universal)

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