Sunday, September 14, 2014

Conspiracy against the start of the school term

The PSUV governor of Táchira, José Vielma Mora, claims that “sectors of the right are attending conspiratorial meetings with the aim of organizing guarimbas [street barricades] for Monday 15,” when schools and universities are due to begin classes.

“We are completely prepared for these guarimbas. To the organizers we warn that classes are about to start and they better not mess with the people of Táchira and respect the children,” said Vielma Mora.

He also declared that these “sectors of the right” are financed by “smugglers that are being strongly hit by the latest actions of the national and regional governments in its struggle against extraction smuggling in the frontier.”

The latest of these measures by the government against smuggling was revealed yesterday by Defense Minister Carmen Meléndez: the establishment of the toll free number 800-patriota for people to “denounce smuggling” to the authorities.

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