Monday, September 22, 2014

Cuban experts in detecting bacteriological warfare have arrived

President Maduro has informed that experts form different parts of the world, including Cuban experts in bacteriological warfare, have arrived in the Venezuela to investigate recent events at Maracay’s Central Hospital.

“There is an international war, compañeros, compatriots, a war waged by people who are trying to bring Venezuela down to its knees. But they will not achieve [their purposes], (…) we have defeated this psychosocial war that they have waged. [They] have made up a sickness in Venezuela, and we are investigating this. Doctors, friends from all over the world have arrived, including from our sister country Cuba, which has sent experts in bacteriological warfare in order to determine what is it the fascist right tried to do in Maracay,” explained Maduro.

The President also claimed victory in several wars he claims are being waged against the country by its enemies: “Bacteriological war, psychological war, international financial war: No and No again! Venezuela is a solid country in all aspects of its social, economic, political, and financial life.”

(Image El Universal)

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