Wednesday, September 17, 2014

National Assembly sides with Maduro in Economic War

The National Assembly, with the majority votes of the pro-government parties, has agreed to support the measures taken by Maduro against the “Economic War” he claims is being waged against the country by the Empire and the local “extreme right”.

Ricardo Sanguino, PSUV representative for Táchira, explained that “the Revolution has been the target of these actions since 1999, but lately it has also faced a Fourth Generation War, (…) an Economic War, which is yet another action of the enemies of our Revolution. (…) These are actions that have not stopped since we came to power, they are actions supported from the United States. (…).”

“I would like to know who is against these measures, who agree with the smuggling that is benefiting the mafias, against the Venezuelan people. Whoever opposes these measures is an anti-patriot,” added Sanguino.

PSUV representative Blanca Eekhout declared: “We support the constitutional president on this and on all the actions he will have to take for the defense of the fatherland. (…) Unlike other countries, Venezuela is not ruled by bankers, the World Bank, or FEDECAMARAS [business union], Venezuela is ruled by a worker that comes from the people, a people that have become government and have come to power, and this is why we will side with the president on the issue of the radical transformation of the State.”

Eekhout also explained the basic elements of the Economic War: “These actions of war and violence have as their main objective to break the people, to break the political stability, and one of its main elements is to starve the people. This is why I call the Popular Power to the struggle, together with the Head of State, against the bourgeoisie that still persists in this country in supporting the Economic War.”

“This Economic War is accompanied by a Media War, which also has the support of actors who are capable of generating a media matrix which impacts reality. They talk about scarcity, and then the process of hoarding products begins. They talk about inflation, and then a coordinated and organized process of speculation begins all over the country,” added Eekhout. 

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