Monday, August 10, 2015

Maduro has evidence of an ExxonMobil-Empire-Opposition conspiracy

President Maduro has informed that he has the evidence of links between ExxonMobil, opposition candidates to December’s legislative elections, current opposition deputies, and the United States Embassy in Caracas. However he will not be showing the evidence yet because they are still being gathered in order to make a case for high treason against the opposition deputies.

“I have the evidence and I will show them when the time comes, because I am gathering the evidence that these deputies are traitors to the Fatherland, they are involved in a conspiracy,” declared Maduro.

He also again accused the opposition of waging an economic war against the country: “There are many reasons why they are waging the economic war. The bourgeoisie has kidnapped the economy, they are holding the economy for ransom and they tell the people: hand over Maduro or I will continue the economic war, hand over the Revolution or I will continue with this economic coup.”

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