Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two Pentagon Documents

In a discourse broadcast live in national TV and radio cadena, President Maduro informed he has two documents, which he claimes were written by “the Pentagon …or the think tanks,” and which reveal the design of a United States government plan to destroy Venezuela.

The documents, according to Maduro, are the blue-print of a plan to “fill our Fatherland with violence, chaos, death, divisions, uncertainty, and anguish. Because [these documents say] they have calculated that the oligarchy, who I call the pelucones, would be able to get their hands on the political power, and then, when they get that political power, they can then go after the resources of our country and they would negotiate them, they would give them away, as they did for two centuries, to imperial interests.”

“These are two simple documents were they expose their strategy,” explained Maduro, “if you read them with at least a little bit of common sense and rationality you will discover that one thing is the promises the Empire makes to its local representatives in Venezuela, and a very different thing is what the Empire is really after in our Fatherland. The Empire is not only after political power, simply putting someone in the place of another, no, don’t believe that, they want to debilitate Venezuela, divide it, destroy its institutions, demoralize its people, to fracture and waken the spiritual strength our armed forces. They are after a scenario of the Libyan or Syrian type.”

“The flag of the ultra-right and of the oligarchy, with the seal of the Empire, is to bring violence, chaos, and national desperation,” added Maduro.

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