Monday, August 31, 2015

Magnicidio is back!

The last time president Maduro claimed to have evidence of a plot to assassinate him was December 14, 2014. From Ecuador, where he was attending UNASUR meeting, Maduro said that a sicario had been sent form Central America to kill him. No evidence was ever shown of the magnicidio attempt supposedly foiled by Venezuela’s secret services.

Today from Vietnam, where he is signing several agreements, Maduro said this: “We are being attacked from Bogotá. I have the evidence, and I will show how from Bogotá there is a campaign to kill me, [a campaign] of hatred, such as we had not faced in 15 or 16 years of Bolivarian Revolution (…). Unfortunately the Colombian government is giving its consent [anuencia] and turning a blind eye [to this campaign],” he added.    

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