Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Opposition killed Mier Hoffman as part of electoral campaign

President Maduro has officially endorsed the theory that Jorge Mier Hoffman was assassinated by the enemies of the revolution.

In a public meeting with government candidates to the December 6 legislative elections Maduro informed that the murderers had already confessed their crime: “They [the right] ordered his [Mier Hoffman’s] murder by hired sicarios, who have finally confessed what they did.”

Maduro suggested that Mier Hoffman’s assassination is part of the “electoral campaign” of the opposition: “The electoral campaign of the right is not just to go out and put up some posters, we need to be aware of this, the campaign is to increase the economic war against our people, to promote assassinations using criminal and paramilitary groups, and to sabotage. Their campaign is about chaos, violence, uncertainty, and pain.”

The problem, explained the President, is that the “leaders of the revolution” need to do more to convince the Venezuelan people of the existence of this conspiracy by the enemies of the revolution: “Our people have the resources to fight this battle and not surrender or become afraid, because they [the right] want the people to surrender and to ditch their values before they [the right] bring back the products to the shelves and cease the assassinations. The people have the resources, but the leaders need to reach the consciousness of the people, [by going] face to face and correctly using all of the media.” 

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