Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Maduro informs of a Plan Buitre by the United States to sabotage the Venezuelan economy

In the Fourth Extraordinary Meeting in Caracas of the Alianaza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América – Tratado de Comercio de los Pueblos (ALBA-TCP) the participating countries have agreed to “create accompanying commissions, integrated by foreign ministers, to visit Ecuador and El Salvador, in order defended them of a soft coup attempt promoted by the north-American Empire.”

Venezuela’s foreign minister, Delcy Rodríguez, told representatives of ALBA countries attending the meeting: “We have a lot to talk about among compañeros, we want our people to know that we are here to take concrete actions for the defense of our countries. We are aware of new imperial plans that are being made against our countries. (…) Imperialism does not rest and it has the aim of overthrowing [our governments],” said Rodríguez.

President Maduro also addressed the participants to inform that his government will stablish a commission “with the United States to show the evidence of sabotage” against the Venezuelan economy.”

Maduro assured that he has evidence, which will be shown by the new commission, on “how the [United States] Southern Command has placed key officials inside the United States Embassy in Venezuela in order to lead a vulture plan [plan buitre] of violence and of sabotage of the Venezuelan economy.”

“They would like these sabotage plan to end in a coup d’état, (…) I’m sure that’s where they’re aiming at, because of the brutality with which they have attacked, by articulating criminals, attacking the economy, the [Venezuelan] currency, the people, by generating ultra-rightists groups,” explained the President. “So I think it is very good, this action plan approved by the ALBA in order to face these conspiracies,” he added.

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