Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Desecration of the Presidential Grave by the Right, The Fascist Air Force, and the ongoing “Mercenaries Plot”

According to a press note from AVN published on June 8, Maduro reveals on a public meeting of the Gran Polo Patriótico that the “right” had plans for stealing the body of President Chávez form his resting place: “The national fascist right had planned for April 15, to irrupt into the Cuartel de la Montaña and assault the coffin of the Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, and also massacre the people of 23 the Enero [a low income are of Caracas near the Cuartel] and leave at least 10,000 dead. (…) I have no doubt, they had it all planned.” Maduro also declares that this is still the plan of the “right”. Later during the same meeting Maduro again mentions his theory about the “war of the dogs.” This is the full quote of a press note in English released by AVN that day:

Caracas, 08 Jun. AVN.- People's Power and Chavista ideology were defined by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro as people's strength to face and defeat fascism.
"Fascism is fought with a clear revolutionary ideology, which we have. We have bolivarianism and the 21 century socialism, which are summarized in Chavismo," said president Nicolas Maduro.
The Venezuelan President stressed that another strength of the country fighting fascism is expressed in "a powerful State, which abides by Law and Constitution."
There must not exist weakness before fascism, its campaigns and lies, warned Maduro, urging to bear in mind what we are facing.
He said opponents seek to spread hatred and "inject scenarios which some experts in strategic analysis call 'dog wars,' a miserable name used to define actions aimed at dividing and breaking peace in countries, which are then intervened by the imperial foot."
Such war of rumors and strategies, Maduro said, are part of the fascist behavior of local rightists, anchored in their class interests.
President Maduro said Venezuelans already have elements to fight that: "It is fought with ideology as project, ideas; it is fought with spirit, new spirit based in love, homeland, future, a Christian love for the humble, for those who claim justice."
"Fascists, do not be wrong about me, about people. Here are people willing to defeat you," stressed president Nicolas Maduro.
 AVN 08/06/2013 17:55

On June 9, José Vicente Rangel reveals that a “sector of the Venezuelan right” has negotiated in the United States the purchase of war planes. These planes would be used, from a US military base in Colombia, in an “aggression operation” against Venezuela. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles qualified Rangel´s denunciation as a “good joke” and added that the idea could only come from “the twisted and dark mind of a nefarious character.” On June 11 Capriles again made reference to the claims: “Where are we supposed to keep 18 planes? In a garage?” 

On June 10, Minister of Interior Relations, Justice, and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres informs on VTV that on Sunday 9 two groups of paramilitary were captured in Portuguesa and Táchira. Rodríguez Torres presumes “with much certainty, that all this could be part of a plan orchestrated from Colombia with the purpose of attempting against the life of our President and against the stability of the Bolivarian Government. (…) We are not at all surprised that this plan has undoubtedly a political end, a destabilizing end, within the context of the extreme right that dreams of a violent outcome, a non-constitutional outcome, of what they consider a crisis.”

The denunciations by Rodríguez Torres are ratified by Maduro via twitter a few minutes later: “I ratify it, they conspire form Colombia against our fatherland, the right has again coordinated groups of assassins to come to our fatherland,” and “The psychological war and the dirty war against our fatherland has as a basis to bring [into the country] the fascist violence of paramilitaries from Colombia.” Later during the day Maduro gave further detailsof the plot explaining that it was financed by Gente de Petroleo (an organization of PDVSA ex-executives of who lost their jobs after the oil strike of 2002 and that operates mainly in Colombia): “I will latter say their names, but first I would like to alert this financing of huge amounts of dollars.” The objectives of the plot, according to Maduro, would be the assassination of the President, the “confrontation” with military personnel of the Plan Patria Segura, and the “increase of the homicide rates in the country.”

On June 11, Foregoing Minister Elías Jaua declares: “From Bogotá a platform of conspiracy is being installed for the development and propagation of rumors, intrigues, and psychological warfare against the Venezuelan people. (…) [Groups] are organized, promoted and financed from Bogotá by obscure characters of the Colombian political and economic life. (…) These are paramilitary bands dedicated to fomenting violence in Venezulea, the facts are there, we have captured two paramilitary bands in two different States of the country and we will continue hitting at this destabilization strategy.”

On June 10, a note in English from the AVN web page informs that “Organizing open air food markets and supervising public and private distribution networks to guarantee stocks, the National Government intensifies its battle against an economic war staged by local right-wing sector in an attempt to destabilize the country through shortage, speculation and hoarding. (…) Ministers of Agriculture and Lands and Commerce, Yvan Gil and Alejandro Fleming, respectively, said the statement during an inspection to an open air market of staple goods and personal hygiene products at fair prices, arranged in downtown Caracas by the National Executive. (…) Gil said the State will continue ‘facing this war declared by a rightist sector, boycotting staple goods' distribution, production, availability.’”

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