Friday, June 14, 2013

Elías Jaua and the “permanent destabilization plans”

On June 13, Foreign Minister Elías Jaua informed the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that the opposition has “permanent plans for the destabilization of the country.” Jaua handed the Commissioner an “extract of the report from the Defensoría del Pueblo, with testimonies from the April 15 and 16 violent events that resulted from the appeal to violence made by the candidate Capriles Radonski.” 

The Venezuelan opposition refused to recognize the results of the April 14 Presidential Elections. Violent protests followed on April 15 and 16. The government has insisted that the violence was a result of a direct appeal to violence by opposition candidate Capriles Radonski. Capriles did ask his followers to protest on the 15th, but then asked them to avoid confrontational street actions and instead focus on pot bagging protests. However the Venezuelan government insists that Capriles is responsible for 11 death attributed to the post-election violence.

This was not the only conspiracy related recent declaration by Elías Jaua. On a visit to Madrid, on June 14, he declared: “we have told the Colombian government many times that in the next meeting between President Santos and President Maduro, we will hand over the proofs of the conspiracy that is being organized from Bogotá against Venezuela.”

The Agencia Venezolana de Noticias press note further informs that “the meeting would be devoted to clarify the disagreements between both governments that emerged after Caracas denounced the conspiracy plans that are in progress against the Venezuelan government, and that include economic and paramilitary actions organized from Bogotá. The plan would include the involvement of the anti-chavista ex-candidate Herique Capriles, who was received by Santos in the Colombian Presidential residence two weeks ago. We can also add to this the denunciations made by reporter and politician José Vicente Rangel about the negotiations by a sector of the Venezuelan right to purchase 18 planes in the United States. These planes would be transported and placed in a Colombian air base in the next month with the purpose of eventual launching an aggression against Venezuela.” 

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