Friday, June 14, 2013

Diálogo Bolivariano, economic war and sabotage

On June 12 President Nicolas Maduro broadcasted from Mérida the second of his Diálogo Bolivariano, a TV program that resembles the format of Chávez´s Aló Presidente. In reference to smuggling of goods in Zulia State, Maduro claimed that the bourgeoisie is behind the “economic sabotage” of the country: “They sabotage, these bandits, and then they go around saying that it´s the government´s fault. They go to Bogotá, they plan to bring in paramilitaries to kill Venezuelan soldiers, they try to finish me off and fill with violence the streets of the main cities of the country. They are the ones behind this economic sabotage.” 

During the program, sound problems were also attributed by Maduro to sabotage because: “if there are sound engineers here that should have control of the audio, and they had all day to test it, and then it goes and fails right when we are about to start, then it´s like sabotage.” 

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