Sunday, March 16, 2014

Obama could sign the order to kill Maduro

Yesterday President Maduro once more announced that the Government of the United States has plans to assassinate him:

“[President Obama] should know that this would be the worst mistake of his life: to sign the [order] to kill President Maduro and fill Venezuela with violence,” said Maduro referring to himself in the third person.

Maduro provided no evidence for his accusation against the US President, but assured that he is aware of “a series of recommendations, some of which are very extreme,” made to Obama by the Department of State and the Pentagon. These recommendations would include the magnicidio (assassination of head of state) of Maduro and a coup d’état against the Venezuelan Government.

The plot also involves, according to Maduro, the use of “officials form the United States embassy [in Caracas] who are trying to put a stop to the Peace Conference. These embassy officials have been talking to opposition political bosses, such as Julio Borges, to drag them into the coup d’état.”

The note by the public Agencia Venezolana de Noticias ends with this paragraph in which the Venezuelan Government’s narrative of recent opposition protests is stated as a fact, including the argument that opposition protestors have “assassinated” all those that have died during the protests, including opposition sympathizers:

“Since the past February 12 fascist groups have assassinated more than 20 persons and perpetrated acts of vandalism in some of the Municipalities governed by the right, [these actions] have also left hundreds of people injured and damaged facilities and public roads, with the aim of [generating] a coup d’état that would remove the people from the power they have gained [with the Revolution].” 

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