Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rocío San Miguel is part of the coup plot

President Maduro accused Rocio San Miguel of being the link between the opposition and the three Air Force generals arrested yesterday for planning a coup against the government.

“There are several connections with the opposition, one of them is Rocío San Miguel. She is the link with the coup supporters within the opposition. She is involved with the coup d’état. (…)  I am pointing this out because her name has been showing up in our investigations. She is involved in the promotion of a coup and a military uprising,” revealed Maduro.

Rocío San Miguel is a lawyer and specialist in defense and military issues. She is the president of the NGO Control Ciudadano para la Seguridad, la Defensa y la Fuerza Armada Nacional. On twitter (@rociosanmiguel) she wrote: “Mr. Maduro is upset because I tried to visit the three arrested Air Force Generals and I warned that they deserved a preliminary hearing of probable cause [antejuicio de mérito].”

In July 2013, Rocío San Miguel was accused by Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres of being a CIA operator in Venezuela. Rodriguez Torres said at the time that he had proof that San Miguel was a spy, but never showed the evidence. San Miguel had been highly critical of Minister’s citizens security plan Patria Segura which included the deployment of military personnel to fight crime.

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