Friday, March 28, 2014

The crossword puzzle conspiracy

Communication and Information Minister Delcy Rodriguez twitted yesterday that she would ask for an investigation over the use of crossword puzzles by the regional daily El Aragueño for making "conspiracy calls" through coded messages.

“Diario El Aragueño envía mensajes cifrados vinculados a la conspiración y la violencia en sus crucigramas! Hemos solicitado una investigaciónwrote Rodríguez.

It’s not the first time such allegations are made Venezuela. In May 2012 Miguel Pérez Pirela, conductor of the Venezolana de Televisión television program “Cayendo y Corriendo,” claimed that crossword puzzles published by the daily Últimas Noticias were being used to send coded massages calling for the assassination of high government officials.

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