Saturday, March 29, 2014

Protests ask for NATO intervention

Yesterday, in the hearings session on human rights in Venezuela of the Organization of American States – Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, the Venezuelan government representative Germán Saltrón devoted most of his interventions (from minute 25:00 on) to discredit the opposition, calling it catastrophic and coup oriented and that accusing it of “never corresponded to the trust President Chávez put in it.”

He also referred to recent protests as an “evolving coup d’état which began in February 12 with a demonstration that turned violent when the opposition leader Leopoldo López showed up together with his followers and pupils, funded and trained by the government of the United States and attacked the offices of the Public Attorney (…), partially destroying the building…”

After describing the violent protests that followed and blaming the opposition for the violence Saltrón made this remarkable interpretation of their motives (31:56): “The objective [of the protests] is to provoke clashes of Venezuelans among themselves in order to simulate a civil war and to ask for the foreign intervention of the NATO military, and in this way put an end to the Bolivarian Revolution and hand the biggest oil resources of the world to the United States.”


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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed of this regime's paranoid delusions.