Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ukrainian coup against Venezuela

In an article published by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, Canadian journalist based in Cuba, Jean-Guy Allard, explains a conspiracy between “rightists” National Assembly deputies, UNOAMERICA, and Colombian ex-President Uribe Velez, to produce a “Ukrainian coup” against Venezuela.
According to Allard:

“Encouraged by the coup d’état in Ukraine which has propelled fascists and even neo-Nazis into power, politicians of the South American extreme right are leading a coup conspiracy against Venezuela, trying to ride the recent wave of violent into power. Headed by Adrián E. Oliva, President of the rightist Alianza Parlamentaria Democrática para América Latina (APDA), and a member of UNIAMERICA, the Venezuelan opposition deputy María Corina Machado, and Leopoldo López, the plot already counts with millions in funding from the NED (National Endowment for Democracy.)”

Allard expands the plot to also include “governments, deputies [of parliaments of Latin American countries], and NGOs from the region to pressure, under the false pretext of ‘human rights,’ the Bolivarian Government in order to eventually promote the establishment of a transitional government in the country.”

The complex plot against the Venezuelan government which merits a “high level of mobilization and organization by the regional ultra-right,” is only possible for Allard because of “the millions in funding from the United States and the big economic interests linked to the right that are being spent in the dirty war against Nicolás Maduro.”

Jean-Guy Allard is co-author with Eva Golinger of the book “USAID, NED y CIA. La Agresión Permanente.”

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