Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Government silent on Magnicidios and Coups

The 193rd anniversary of the Batalla de Carabobo was commemorated with the usual patriotic and militaristic discourses common in these events.

Maduro and other orators insisted on the need for “unity and loyalty” in the face of internal and external threads. The emphasis however was on the “internal” front, as the government has been receiving strong criticisms from its own left flank.

But the most notable issue, at least from this blog’s perspective, was the absence from the government’s rhetoric yesterday of any claims of supposed plots to kill the President or of an on-going coup d’état. In fact the official media has been almost completely silent for some days on the issue.

Instead, the current leading discourse this week seems to be this: The Empire is using “dissolving tactics” against the Revolution by “inoculating” internal divisions. Ranks are to remain united and trust their leader with “maximum loyalty” in the face of these threats.     

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