Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Media Conspiracy International Forum

The Foro International Conjura Mediática Contra Venezuela, organized by the government, began today in the Teatro Teresa Carrreño of Caracas.

In his opening speech Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Elias Jaua, has told the audience that “politics has still its biggest challenge in the construction of a defense system against the media plot by international media that with the support of the extreme right, is trying to destabilize Venezuela.”

As an antidote to this media plot against Venezuela, Jaua proposes concrete measures: “the counter-plot [contraconjura] of real policies, the policies constructed by Hugo Chávez, the ones that president Maduro is also constructing every day, the ones we are constructing as a People. (…) The construction of realities is the best antidote against the imperialist, fascist, media plots.”

Journalist and National Assembly Deputy, Earle Herrera, explained in a TV interview in preparation for the Forum, that the media plot against Venezuela is part of a “fourth generation war”: “Never a country has been subjected to a media bombardment like the one we are living in our country. But it’s not only the media, it’s the whole cultural industry, or better said, the counter-cultural or sub-cultural [industry] which has dumped [everything] using diverse actors against Venezuela.”

Fortunately, according to Herrera, the media plot has so far been unsuccessful because “the Venezuelan people had a great pedagogue. And that pedagogue was president Chávez. Today our people can not only read newspapers, watch TV, and listen to the radio, they also know how to take the news reports apart; knows how to analyze, distinguish, and digest them.

According to the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, Earle Herrera will address the Forum today with a talk on the theme “Transnational Media as an Instrument for War and Research in National States.”

The Forum will continue tomorrow and will include Venezuelan and international speakers who will debate issues such as “the psychological war as an apology of terrorism” and “the demonization of the social organizations of the Revolution in social media sites."


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