Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maduro’s assassination planned in… 2010!

According to Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, the magnicidio attempt against Nicolas Maduro was first planned by the “Venezuelan ultra-right” as early as 2010.

Rodríguez Torres told Globovision that the assassination of the president “was planned since 2010 in México, during a meeting of youth and student leaders. (…) The plan was not only to kill the president, but also to plunge the country into a crisis, total chaos. They wanted to destroy the hopes of the millions that voted for Maduro. (…) There is plenty of evidence [of the plot] that has already been shown, and more will be gradually shown.”

The most significant aspect of this conspiracy claim is the date: In 2010 Chávez was still president of Venezuela. In June 2011 he announced he was suffering from cancer. Only in December 2012, shortly before his death in March 2013, did Chávez publically endorse Maduro as his chosen successor.

Therefore the argument implies one of two assumptions: either in 2010 the plotters of the magnicidio had foreknowledge of the complete chain of events for the next three years –a possibility since the government claims that Chávez’s cancer was “inoculated” by his enemies, - or the conspirators had originally planned to kill Chávez but then simply re-plotted the plan to kill Maduro after March 2013.

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