Sunday, June 22, 2014

Minister Rodríguez Torres receives journalism award for unmasking conspiracies

The Minister of Poplar Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Mayor General Miguel Rodríguez Torres, has received the “Premio de Periodismo Aníbal Nazoa” awarded by the pro-government organization Movimiento Periodismo Necesario.

Announcing the unanimous decision by the jury of the journalism award, Rosa Caldera, of the Movimiento, stated that the decision was based on the fact that: “on a daily basis he [Rodríguez Torres] has provided Venezuela with information through which the truth has been revealed. We believe that he has [successfully] refuted the versions of Venezuela as being in total chaos. (…) Rodríguez Torres has also been able to unmask national and foreign coup leaders who have conspired against the peace of the country. He has therefore neutralized a coup d’état against President Nicolás Maduro.”

(Image from the MPPRIJP web page)

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