Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Maduro returns from Bolivia and pledges strong action against conspirators

After denouncing in the G77 meeting in Bolivia that there is an Imperial conspiracy to overthrow him and “take over Venezuela’s resources,” president Maduro has returned to Venezuela to continue revealing what he claims is an opposition plot against him.

“There will be justice on coup mongers, guarimberos, and magnicidas [assassins of head of State], it doesn’t matter who they are, whatever office they hold, they will pay for their crimes, all the extreme right. We will keep on denouncing them permanently,” declared Maduro yesterday in his weekly radio program En Contacto con Maduro.

Arrest warrants have been issued for three of the alleged plotters of the magnicidio conspiracy: Pedro Burelli, Ricardo Koesling, and Diego Arria. The three are out of the country.

Another alleged main plotter, Maria Corina Machado, was cited yesterday to the General Attorney’s office as a witness to the case. According to Machado, she was questioned for more than 7 hours but never formally accused of being part of the plot. In fact she was told that since she is not under formal investigation, and is only a witness, she could not have access her file and her lawyers were not allowed to be present during the interview.

Machado has been publically accused by president Maduro of being an “assassin” and one of the master minds of the supposed plot to kill him. 

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