Monday, October 13, 2014

Freddy Bernal: Murder of Serra was an act of terrorism

Former Caracas Mayor and National Assembly representative PSUV insisted on the government’s version that the assassination of Robert Serra was politically motivated and an act of terrorism. He even knows how long it took to plan the murder: exactly two months.

“The murder of Robert Serra was planned for two months. The attackers found the weak points of [Serra’s] security team and that allowed a foreign actor to have access [to him],” declared Bernal.

Serra was murdered with viciousness [saña] and this fact, according to Bernal, constitutes evidence that the crime had the purpose of causing terror: “I am almost sure that the assassination of Robert Serra was a premeditated act to cause terror.”

Bernal also warned that acts like this could happen again in the future and indirectly blamed the opposition for the crime: “I ask the serious opposition that, no matter what our political differences might be, we don’t kill each other.”
He also said that Colombian ex-president Álvaro Uribe is “obsessed with Venezuela” and that he was looking to “generate political links” with the Venezuelan opposition, especially with Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles.

According to Bernal this “whole lobby” also includes president Obama who is, for his part, obsessed with jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López: “Because Obama has so many problems in the world, he has Leopoldo López in his mind.”

(Image El Universal)

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