Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Video explains the Economic War

The “Red de Defensores y Defensoras de la Seguridad y la Soberanía Alimentaria,” was established by Venezuelan government with the aim of “fighting the scourge of hoarding and speculation.”

The Red has issued a video explaining how the Economic War works. According to the narrator, the Economic War “disappears” (the “Economic War” being the agent) essential products from the market in order to gain more profits and to sabotage the revolutionary government.

The evidence that the problem is not one of controls and lack of production, according to the Red, is that essential products never entirely disappear from shelves; they are only partially “removed” by the war in order to generate dissatisfaction among the population.

It is all part of a “political campaign” to topple the government, explains the video. As part of this campaign business owners “are in a state of rebellion against the Law of Fair Costs and Prices which seeks to regulate the prices of the products that are indispensable for households.”

As a solution the Red proposes a communal economy of “social property businesses, where the worker will be the owner and will enjoy all the benefits, different from the capitalist [property businesses] where profits go to only two or three people.”

(Image Aporrea)

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