Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Venezuela has been the victim of an Imperialist violence strategy, same as Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq

During a military ceremony yesterday, Maduro explained that the new “military doctrine” of Venezuela is a legacy of Chávez, and is based on anti-imperialist principles in order to face what he claims is a permanent strategy of aggression against Venezuela expressed through economic, psychological, and mercenary wars. According to Maduro the opposition protests of the beginning of this year are no more than “neo-fascist actions of the extreme right” backed by the Empire.

Here are excerpts from the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias note:

Caracas, 30 Sep. AVN.- The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced Tuesday that the strategy of division of the people, and the placing of violent groups, that the Empire applies in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, is the same that it tried to impose on Venezuela during the first semester of the year with the neo-fascist actions of the right.
“Venezuela was the object of an aggression by internal, pro-imperialist forces. These forces, in other places of the world such as Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq, have accomplished their objectives of harming the people,” expressed the president during a ceremony commemorating the ninth anniversary of the Strategic Operational Command of the National Armed Forces (CEOFANB).
He indicated that “Syria was almost filled with heavily armed terrorist groups and bands financed by the governments of NATO, particularly by the United States, and they raised a monster, similar to the Taliban in Afghanistan, or Al-qaeda.”
These terrorist cells were “created, funded, and armed by the United States Empire and NATO in the Shia regions of Syria, Iraq, and all of the Middle East. But who created this monster?”
The president also mentioned the conflict in Ukraine, “where neo-Nazi forces have been encouraged, are the heirs of those who did not want Ukraine to form part of the USSR and, at that time, welcomed Hitler’s troops.”
Maduro explained that the characteristics of the conflicts in the countries he mentioned are the same that the extreme right tried to implement in Venezuela under the name of “la salida”, which was no more than a “violent and neo-fascist attack against democracy and the Venezuelan people, with the objective of positioning violent groups [inside the country] and beginning a process of division of the country, its dismemberment.”
He stressed that “thanks to the institutional and humanist cohesion of our government, our State, the Armed Forces, the CEOFANB, and the people, peace was triumphant in our country.” However he urged all Venezuelans, and the military, to “be fully conscious of the steps taken by the violent sectors and of the things we have accomplished.”
“The new body of the Republic is being built in the midst of these battles, and the new muscle, for transcending the times, becomes stronger with every battle. The battle against the guarimbas [street barricades] and the violent attempts to disintegrate [the country] have been won.”
He also urged for the continuation of the political and institutional development of the country, free “from the violent surge and the destruction of these groups nourished by Colombian paramilitarism.”

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