Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jaua: Capriles will travel to meet the international ultra-right wing

The Minister for the Communes, Elias Jaua, claims that the Governor of Miranda and opposition Henrique Capriles will travel this month to Spain and to Miami in order “receive instructions and financial oxygen to continue the destabilization campaign against Venezuela’s democracy.”

Jaua mentioned Roger Noriega as one of the “ultra-rightists” Capriles will meet during his trip.

“It’s a lie that Capriles is one of the more moderates of the opposition,” said the Minister, “he is part of the game being played to interrupt democracy, part of the plan of destabilization against our Fatherland.”

Jaua is especially concerned that Capriles could be using Miranda State’s public resources to finance his travels and conspiracies against the government: “We have decided, the National Government, the Parliament, the Regional Parliament [of Miranda], the regional deputies, the city mayors of Miranda, and the Popular Power, to begin a process of debate on the use of resources that have been constitutionally transferred to the State of Miranda, and we will ask Carpiles for an explanations of his travels,” warned he, and added, “we will battle to stop Capriles from using his post of Governor to further his personal interests and his ambition and obsession to become the president.”

(The Agencia Venezolana de Noticias exceptionally publishes images of opposition leaders to illustrate negative comments. This is a rare case of an image of Capriles taken from AVN.) 

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