Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Canada in cahoots

Ex-government official and journalist José Vicente Rangel has accused Canada of being part of a conspiracy to attack the Venezuelan government and destabilize the country.

Rangel declared that “the government of Canada has increased its attacks against Venezuela,” by accusing the country of supporting drug trafficking and of handing out passports to terrorist suspects.

“This is part of a combined campaign with the North American [United States] government. In this campaign [the activities of] the Center for a Secure and Free Society and the Canadian Institute for Social and Economic Analysis stand out,” explained Rangel.

The reason for these recent “attacks” by the Canadian government, according to Rangel, is the need by the North American country to hide its links with “los mexicanos” and their role in the increase of drug trafficking to the United States via Canada.

The attacks by Canada also include the use of its embassy in Caracas to smuggle intelligence operatives into Venezuela. According to Rangel, in the last month, “approximately 30 agents specialized in destabilization activities,” have entered the country through the Canadian Embassy.

The Canadian Embassy in Caracas has denied the claims.  

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