Sunday, November 2, 2014

Human Rights NGOs are funded by the United States

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization of American States is holding its 153rd hearings session in Washington.

On 28 October the Commission heard the case of Venezuela. Local NGOs, among them COFAVIC and PROVEA, made a detailed presentation of 892 cases of human rights violations in Venezuela.

Germán Saltrón responded for the Venezuelan State that all human rights NGOs operating in the country are “financed by the United States,” and that they are in cahoots with “90% of the local and international media” in a plot to “attack and play down the historical importance of the victories of the Venezuelan government.”

Today Saltrón published an article in the web portal Aporrea elaborating his argument:

"In order to achieve social justice the eternal president Hugo Chávez Frías decreed the nationalization of our oil industry and strengthened the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries for the defense of a fair price for oil. As a consequence of these actions of sovereignty, the government of the United States, together with the Venezuelan opposition, initiated since 1999 an internal and external campaign of discredit, falsely presenting president Chávez as a dictator and a human rights violator.

"To accomplish this they have used Venezuelan and foreign NGOs to present reckless, unfounded, and false denunciations [of human rights violations]." 

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