Monday, November 17, 2014

Subversive plan “The Exit” According to AVN

The Agencia Venezolana de Noticias has published in English a piece entitled “Subversive plan ‘The Exit’ released in the US month before its application.” The article is based on a report by Últimas Noticias published yesterday which carries a video of Leopoldo López explaining in October 2013 to a group of supporters in Miami his strategy to remove Maduro from power.

In the video López does not speak of the possibility of a coup or even of violent protests to overthrow Maduro. He does claim that previous elections were stolen from the opposition and questions if the opposition should assume the “attitude proper to a democratic system” which, according to López, implies preparing for future elections.

However the article by AVN, following Últimas Noticas, claims that López was in truth explaining his “Putschist plan ‘The Exit’” to the “the subversive organization VEPPEX, or Politically Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile.”
This is how AVN explains “The Exit” (La Salida):

Through "The Exit" or "Solution," subversive groups used violence and terrorism to cause unrest in the country, resulting in 43 deaths, attempts against the life of children and workers, as well as hindered the right of free passage with mortal devices such as wires in major roads.

AVN also links the plan to the “Economic War” denounced repeatedly by Maduro:

The plan was carried out between February and June 2014 simultaneously with an economic war characterized by smuggling, hoarding and overpricing of staple goods, with the open target of overthrowing the Nicolas Maduro Administration.

The article ends with the assertion that López was forced to hand himself to the authorities seeking protection from a plan by “right-wing leaders to attempt” against his life:

Simultaneously to "The Exit," intelligence corps found out a plan devised within right-wing leaders to attempt against Lopez, situation that made him surrender to the Public Ministry.

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