Thursday, November 13, 2014

Diosdado Cabello: the opposition wants to sabotage Christmas!

For the President of the National Assembly and vice-president of PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, “[i]t has become evident that the right represents and organization for the overthrowing the government, they are foreign coup mongers.”

Cabello revealed several “right-wing” conspiracies yesterday in his TV show Con el Mazo Dando:

He referred to the SOS campaign during the opposition protests at the beginning of this year. Many international artists called for solidarity with the protestors by holding signs which read “Venezuela SOS”. Cabello believes that the fact that a similar campaign has not been staged by those same artist in solidarity with the 43 student missing in Mexico is evidence that the Venezuelan campaign was a “paid media campaign.”

“Many artists expressed their solidarity with the Venezuelan opposition in February, but for them in Mexico, where the State made 43 students disappear, nothing is happening. For Maria Conchita [Alonso] Mexico does not exist. That’s because there are no dollars, there is no SOS [campaign],” argued Cabello.

He also informed that on November 10 opposition leaders José Narváez (MUD secretary in Nueva Esparta), Alfredo Díaz (Mayor of Mariño municipality), Jhonny Rajal (Coordinator of Primero Justicia in Nueva Esparta), and Bautista Mata (of Voluntad Popular), met at the Commerce Chamber of Nueva Esparta State.

According to Cabello the purpose of the meeting was to coordinate “actions to provoke scarcity of Christmas products and thus generate chaos during month of December in the insular territory [Margarita island in Nueva Esparta State], by paralyzing transport and commerce.

They want to sabotage our Christmas!” claimed Cabello.

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