Thursday, November 20, 2014

System of People’s Protection for Peace

President Maduro approved yesterday a Law of National Security which, according to him, creates a Sistema de Protección Popular para la Paz.

The system will directly answer to the President’s office and is based on “the labor class, intelligence teams, and control systems.” It includes four subsystems (for peace, popular power, protection, and operations) and will be headed by a Comandante, yet to be appointed.

The creation of this new People’s Protection System has become necessary, explained Maduro, in order to fight against the “terrorism and para-militarism orchestrated by the right.”

The Agencia Venezolana de Noticas quotes president Maduro: “through this instance, the ‘para-military threat that has come to our country because of the right-wing,’ and that is made visible through crimes such as the murder of the Deputy Robert Serra, committed on October 1, and the violent actions promoted by sectors of the ultra-right during the first semester of the year, which produced more than 40 murders.”

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