Saturday, October 18, 2014

We know the motives, therefore we know who murdered Robert Serra

President Maduro has announced that the “intellectual authors” behind the murder of PSUV leader Robert Serra have been discovered. He gave no names, but said that if “we [the government] want peace we have to discover these criminal terrorists and go after de Right every day.”

“We already know who directed and gave the order to murder our dear martyr Robert Serra, the Venezuelan youth is not afraid of terrorism,” assured Marduro to a crowd of followers.

The president said that new evidence was popping up every day, but that he had already explained the three main reasons for the crime: “The first was to kill a young leader, [the second] was to frighten the youth, and the third is that this murder was part of a series of events to plunge our country into violence and chaos.”

(Image El Universa)

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