Monday, July 22, 2013

José Vicente Rangel reveals his sources, and they are disturbing...

José Vicente Rangel should be more careful with his sources, or he could end up quoting directly from the Protocol of the Elders of Zion next time.

Yesterday in his weekly TV program, José Vicente Rangel insisted on his usual conspiracy claims and added details of the plots: “the criminal agents of the CIA operating from Chile, Washington Moreira (DEA credentials), and Todd Porter (FBI agent), are in charge of managing the trespass of clandestine funds to finance the assassinations of Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello.” These agents would only be in charge of managing the funds which would be obtained from drug trafficking sources.

The conspiracy, according to JVR, would have two scenarios: The first one would be the assassination of Maduro, which would trigger a power vacuum filled by a military intervention with the support of the CIA and the Venezuelan opposition.

If the attempt on Maduro’s life were to fail, the second scenario would be the assassination of National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello, with the purpose of blaming Maduro and Iran’s intelligence services.

JVR gave more details of the very elaborate plot which also includes his previous claims of war planes purchased by the opposition and the use of Colombian military bases by the conspirators.

But the most interesting thing to come out yesterday was that, for the first time, JVR spoke openly of the main source for his conspiracy theorizing: he has in fact been quoting extensively from the blog La Colmena, written by Dr Pedro Grima Gallardo, a Physics Professor at the Universidad de los Andes in Mérida.

The blog La Colmena has several other interesting articles written by Grima Gallardo. Here are two examples of his most recent pieces:

In this article Grima Gallardo subscribes to the theories that the September 11 events in New York could really be an elaborate scam by insurance companies owned by “Zionists”. He re-blogs and article by Kevin Barret on the issue.

In this second article, Grima Gallardo explains that the US Federal Reserve is in truth a private bank controlled by a “Consortium of Jewish bankers.” He further explains revelations by a converted Jew, Nathanael Kapner, which would indicate that: “the United States, led by its powerful Jewish masters, are driving the world to an economic debacle, with the final objective of establishing a world government which would include a single currency, a single economic policy, demolition of commercial frontiers, an end of protectionism (which is today considered the eight capital sin, and even the inoperative and clumsy Bachelete had words against protectionism, when she certainly doesn’t know what she is talking about), and the imposition of global norms that would make absolutely illusory any national sovereignty.”

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