Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maduro: José Vicente Rangel warns us of threats to the Fatherland

Some hours ago via twitter President Nicolas Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) urged his followers to “read and reproduce” an article by José Vicente Rangel published in Últimas Nocicias.

In his article JVR repeats many of the claims he has made many times before and that I have posted here. He compares the opposition strategy with “the fascist coup of Antonio Tejero in Spain,” the coup against Allende in Chile, and the recent coup in Egypt. (However his claims of 18 war planes purchased by the opposition and stationed in Colombia have been dropped from his most recent articles and declarations.)

He also repeats his argument of an “ongoing electoral coup”. According to him, this is exactly what the Venezuelan opposition attempted when it failed to recognize Maduro as the winner of the April 14 elections. In JVR’s narrative of the events following that day, Capriles sent his followers a “subversive message” which “unleashed violence.” Maduro was able however, a few hours later, to “abort the developing coup.” But, JVR warns: this is all part of an “ongoing coup”, and the scheme used by the opposition in April will be repeated during the Municipal elections scheduled for December this year.

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