Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rodríguez Torres: Rocío San Miguel is a CIA agent

Interior, Peace, and Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres declared in a TV interview the following: “people like that Rocío San Miguel, who I was listening to the other day, talking about human rights and the Armed Forces. About her I can tell you that she is a CIA operator in Venezuela, and I can prove it.”

Rocío San Miguel is a lawyer and human rights activist, and often writes in local media about Armed Forces related issues. She has been critical of the government anti-crime Plan Patria Segura because of its use of military personnel in citizen’s security.

San Miguel directly responded to the accusations via twitter (@rociosanmiguel): “A message to @RodriguezT_MIJP regarding his accusation that I am a CIA operator: defenders of human rights know what to expect from characters like you.” 

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