Thursday, July 11, 2013

Snowden is a trap

The popular pro-government web page publishes today an article by Oswaldo Leal that argues that Snowden is really a trap for Venezuela’s government.

According to Leal, Snowden’s presence in Venezuela would be used by the US government as a casus belli for the invasion of the country. The invasion would be carried out from Colombia where “everything is ready, even the war planes bought by the oil industry people, the seven military bases, Uribe and his para-militaries, drug traffickers and their networks. Let´s not fool ourselves, whenever they like, they can take us off the map, they have everything…”  

The article does not clarify if Snowden is a willing part of the plot or only a CIA dupe.

Aporrea is not part of the official media system SiBCI, and its columnists are not government officials. However it is a good source for theories held by government supporters that go beyond the official line.

The theory that Snowden is really part of an elaborate plot by the CIA against Venezuela has appeared before in aporrea. I think it’s probable that someone in the page will soon argue that Snowden is still a CIA agent, and that the whole asylum deal is really a ruse form the CIA to plant an agent inside Venezuela.

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