Sunday, July 14, 2013

The conspiracy to deny the conspiracy according to José Vicente Rangel

If by chance you are accused of being part of a conspiracy, you may find that the most exasperating consequence is that the more you try to deny your involvement, the guiltier you will seem in the eyes of the conspiracy theorist.

This is a feature that makes conspiracy theories very hard to debunk: denying or not believing in them makes you a dupe in the best of cases, an accomplice or conspirator at worst.

Today José Vicente Rangel gives us an excellent example of this form of reasoning. Some hours ago in his TV show José Vicente Hoy, he explained that “the right is persistently engaged in conspiratorial actions, and they intent to repeat the coup format of April 2002.”

But JVR also argued that the biggest challenge facing Maduro’s government is “to dismount the enemy’s tactic which consists in denying that they conspire, when in truth they are up to their noses [hasta la coronilla] in a new adventure.”

For JVR it is useless for “the right” to deny the conspiracy since there are “too many signs, too many unusual revelations, even indiscretions, that confirm the evil purposes [despropósitos] and the anti-patriotic actions that some are advancing outside the country in order to secure the solidarity of the imperial power.”  

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