Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amnesty law sabotages the peace talks

PSUV National Assembly member Pedro Carreño argues that the opposition is sabotaging the peace talks with the government by asking for an amnesty law. According to Carreño the “reactionary, criminal and fascist right” puts the government in an untenable position by asking it to free those arrested for political motives since 1999.

Here is the complete note published by the public Agencia Venezolana de Noticias, in its English news service. Note that AVN refers to the opposition leaders that are attending the talks as the “rightists.”

Rightists sabotage peace talks with amnesty law
Caracas, 16 Abr. AVN.- National Assembly deputy Pedro Carreño warned Wednesday about what he says is an attempt of right-wing groups to sabotage peace talks with the Bolivarian Government.

Opponents have been putting conditions to support peace plans in Venezuela. Last Tuesday, they proposed an amnesty law to benefit all people arrested in actions aimed at destabilize the country. Such proposal was not supported by the National Government.

However, deputy Pedro Carreño thinks it is "a reactionary, criminal and fascist right wing" that "intends to manipulate and sabotage dialogs by putting amnesty as condition."

The Deputy posted this message to his Twitter profile @PedroCarreno_e, together with the phrase "Impunity is not Peace!."

The opposition coalition, also agreed last Tuesday to take part on a pacification plan devised by President Maduro to ensure safety in the country.

Meetings between opposition coalition MUD and the National Government began last Thursday, April 10th, after rightists decided to attend the invitation made by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro for eight weeks in a row.

On Friday 11th April, the two parties – including opposition mayors and governors – had held a second meeting in Caracas. The Executive passed several projects presented by regional authorities.

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