Saturday, April 12, 2014

Violence according to Isis Ochoa

Isis Ochoa, a militant of the ruling PSUV, was named High Commissioner for Peace and Life by President Maduro last February 14.

Yesterday in an interview for Telesur, the High Commissioner expressed her ideas on the causes of recent protests in Venezuela. According to her, the government “has technically defeated the coup d’état, but the economic and psychological war operations [by the opposition] still continue.”

Ochoa also warned the people about that “imperialist tactics that have been used by ultra-right groups with the aim of overthrowing the constitutional government of Nicolas Maduro.”

For Ochoa the Friday dialogue session evidenced the existence of two models in Venezuela, one devoted to peace and recognition of the other (the government), and the other obsessed with power (the opposition): “Two models of though in dispute, with an opposition that has a power vocation which does not allow it to advance towards the vision that President Nicolas Maduro is proposing: the recognition of the other,” explained Ochoa.
About the protesters Ochoa explained that “they are not really students, they are members of irregular forces.”

In its note about the interview, the Agencias Venezolana de Noticias added its usual editorial paragraph explaining the context of the news:

Since last February anti-chavista sectors have perpetrated violent actions with the aim of generating a coup d’état, [these actions] have left 39 dead, hundreds of injured people, and damaged infrastructure, all behind a façade of student protests.

(Image form the Telesur webpage)

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