Friday, April 25, 2014

Elias Jaua Grand Conspiracy Tour: The Official Document

TELESUR has published a link to the document Foreign Minister Elias Jaua is presenting to several UN organizations, including UNESCO and FAO, on his trip to Europe.

As the baroque title of the document reveals, “International Denunciation, Education, Health, and Environmental Rights, and Rights to Live Committed by Governors, Mayors, Deputies and Local Leaders of Legal Parties of the Venezuelan Opposition,” most of the report is devoted to demonstrating that the opposition is to blame for the recent violence in Venezuela. Including the claim in page 10 that the opposition is guilty of environmental “ecocide” by cutting down 1,000 trees (the toll is raised to 5,000 trees in page 11 without explanation.) 

The report begins with four full pages enumerating the social accomplishments of the Revolutions and implying that, given the facts, protesters lack legitimate grievances, and are only driven by the desire to break “the continuity of the popular accomplishments through armed violent actions, promoted, executed, and/or tolerated by regional authorities of [the parties] Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular.” page 5

The headings of the document give a feel for its rhetoric: “Co-responsibility of the Regional and Municipal Authorities in guaranteeing Human Rights,” “Violent actions promoted by the political parties of the extreme right. Media Situation.”

The report praises the role of State security forces in containing the rightist’s violence, but does devote one paragraph (page 15) to explain that there have been “isolated incidents in which there is evidence or denunciations of abuse by police officers or public order forces.” However, “all the officers [implicated] have been handed to the competent tribunals and appropriate investigations have been opened.”

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