Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transgenic marijuana is being used to overexcite Venezuelan protesters

In today’s press conference, Interior, Peace, and Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres informed of 10 raids performed in the early hours of the morning: “three were done in Chacao, one in Prados del Este, one in Propatria, another in Caricuao, and I don’t remember where the other four took place,” specified Rodriguez Torres.

Nine people have been arrested on charges of terrorism. Hand guns and fireworks explosives have been seized in the raids. Rodriguez Torres also showed a bag of what he said was a drug called “crispy,” which he informed is really “transgenic marijuana.” According to the Minister, the drug is handed out “to many of those young boys participating in the violent actions in order to overexcite them [exaltarles los ánimos], and thus keep them in permanent activity against the State security forces.”


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