Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Financing terrorism

A group of PSUV National Assembly representatives, including Juan Carlos Alemán, Pedro Carreño and Tania Díaz, have handed to the Public Prosecutor’s office a document with “proofs” of the funding of “violent and terrorist acts” by Oscar García Mendoza, Rafael Alfonzo, Maria Corina Machado, Diego Arria, and Otto Reich.

By “violent and terrorist acts” the deputies refer to the opposition protests of the last two months.

The evidence the deputies is presenting is based on e-mails and text messages, they claim, were written by the conspirators. Alemán explained that “We have input that has been given to us which includes e-mails and text messages. All this has been handed [to the public prosecutor] and is being revised. (…) In the documents the funding mechanisms can be seen: the whole façade of funding with the aim of disqualifying the government.”

Alemán also explained that the accusation against the conspirators is based on the law which prohibits foreign funding for internal political groups, and that they could face charges for “treason to the Fatherland, conspiracy, and association to commit crimes.”

 (Image from El Universal webpage)

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