Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Capriles and López belonged to Tradition, Family, and Property

Writer Luis Britto García in an interview to The Nation repeated the often made claim in pro-government web sites that opposition leaders Capriles Radonski and Leopoldo López belonged to the ultra-conservative religious group Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP).

TFP was founded in Brazil in the 60’s and is still active in many countries. In Venezuela, TFP was accused in 1984 of plotting to kill Pope John Paul II during his visit to the country the following year. Although cleared by a tribunal in 1986, TFP was never able to publically regroup in Venezuela.

According to Britto García:

“Before becoming leaders of the right, López and Capriles spent part of their youth in an almost comical group called “Tradition, Family and Property.” It was a fanatical fascist group, somewhere between a religious and a political organization. They used to stand out on street corners of urban neighborhoods with large Superman-style red capes, berets, things like that. It was this ultra-super-reactionary, right-wing group. Yes, red-caped, like Superman! From there, they became the right-wing Primero Justicia [Justice First] party, which arose out of a television show begun by a lawyer named Julio Borges [now leader of Primero Justicia].”

However Capriles and López were 12 and 13 years old in 1984 and do not figure as members of TFP in the 80’s. No evidence has ever been shown linking them to the group.

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  1. TFP's main house in Venezuela was located in the Caracas Country Club neighborhood. It was a huge mansion they had rented out and teenage and college age boys were invited to join the group. I know this because several people i know who attended my school (just across the street from the mansion) were invited to visit.
    Only one of those was actually invited to join and did so.Curiously enough, that person is now a card carrying member of the PSUV and has a director level position at the foreign ministry in Venezuela's madurista government.
    Rabo de paja, they call it in Venezuela.